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Payment Option


Heritage Manor is a non-profit, certified skilled nursing facility under the Medicare program and is 

licensed by the state of Ohio. Residents may qualify for skilled nursing care under Medicare Part "A:.'

providing your condition and rehabilitation potential qualifies under guidelines established by the Health

Care Financing Administration. Medicare Part "N.' will cover most of the cost of room and board for the

temporary period during which you maybe eligible.

Residents may have the right to file an appeal when you are informed of non-coverage. Heritage Manor

will accept Medicare Part "B" and will process all applicable claims for reimbursement. Medicare Part

"B"will pay for physicians and ancillary professional health care services.



Your insurance company may direct you to a contracted provider of their choice. Heritage Manor will

willingly negotiate (to the best of our abilities) with your insurance company and will assist you in

obtaining coverage for services rendered here.



Medicaid is a public assistance program administered by the Ohio Department ofJobs and Family

Services. Residents may qualify for Medicaid when their resources have been depleted and family cannot

assume financial obligations for cost of care. Our social work staff will be helpful to you in this process if

you are eligible.



Resident or Sponsor is responsible to pay the monthly cost of care when they have the assets to do so.

Monthly charges are determined by the operating budget on a yearly basis.



The Veteran's Administration has contracted with Heritage Manor to pay for services that are mutually agreed

upon between the Home and the Veteran's Administration. Veterans may apply for nursing home benefits by

contacting their local Veteran's Administration office.




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