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Rehabilitation and Nursing

The well-experienced staff of Heritage Manor is adept in dealing with all types of dementia and lesser debilitating conditions.  There is an on-call physician ready to administer care at all times of the day or night.  There are also nurses on duty 24/7. 

All types of physical, occupational and emotional therapy are administered as needed.  Skilled social workers from Jewish Family Services are also available to counsel both residents and families of the Elderly residents.  Those who come for physical therapy can also avail themselves of the counseling, which is often necessary when dealing with severe injuries.

Various kinds of emotional therapy are also provided.  These include intergenerational activities, which many of the elderly find very comforting.  Also included, are animal visitations which provide instant gratification for those who like and care about animals.  Music is a constant part of the therapy provided to residents and visitors.

The nursing staff and the administration of Heritage Manor do everything possible to maintain the dignity of all involved, even though suffering from the advanced degrees of dementia or Altzheimers. For example, extensive alarm systems are provided and resident restraint is avoided at all times.  Residents are constantly monitored for physical condition and cleanliness.  Clean clothing and linen are constantly available due to the efforts of the laundry staff.




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