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Senior Activities

 Many of the activities available to the residents are shared by the participants in the Adult Daycare Program.   The social workers and other care givers have constructed a program that is appropriate for both groups, which includes a wide variety of activities.

A beauty salon is available for those who wish to use it.

A library is provided for the residents and visitors, and includes audio and video materials, as well as books.

A full range of religious activities are provided in the beautiful chapel. Both Rabbi’s and lay persons conduct the various religious activities for the entire Jewish calendar.  Other denominations are also welcome to partake of the services and other religious celebrations at their own discretion.

Gardening is one of the activities supported for both Adult Daycare and the Senior residents at Heritage Manor. Besides gardening, other craft activities are supported for both the Senior Adult Daycare participants and the Elderly residents of Heritage Manor.

Other activities include cooking and baking programs, intergenerational activities, interaction with animal visitors and themed parties. 

There is also a program wherein residents are taken by volunteers to selected area restaurants.

Music and various forms of entertainment are also an important part of life for Seniors at Heritage Manor.  Visitation by outside entertainers is a near-constant aspect of life at Heritage Manor.



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