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Volunteers are a key part of every activity at Heritage Manor.  For example, in 2014, a total of 36 people worked as volunteers, helping the residents and staff at Heritage Manor.  These volunteers leads religious services, help run bingo games, and work with the beauticians in the beauty shop.  One of the volunteers is a baker and instructor for those interested in baking.  Another volunteer brings a dog to provide animal therapy to certain residents.  There are residents who provide flowers to cheer the general atmosphere for the residents.  In the past, volunteers have participated in programs in which residents of Heritage Manor were taken to selected area restaurants to enjoy a “lively lunch”. 

Volunteers are crucial in providing a necessary link between Heritage Manor and the rest of the community.  The link works both ways, providing the elderly residents of the Home with the assurance that they are not forgotten by the rest of the community, even if their loved ones are not close by.  Viewing the situation from the opposite direction, the volunteers continue to remind the rest of the community that the senior residents of Heritage Manor are not forgotten, and are still a vital part of the community. 

More volunteers are always needed, even if current programs appear to be sufficiently staffed with volunteers.  For example, painting class volunteers are needed to encourage painters among the senior residents of Heritage Manor.  Further, gardening volunteers are very important even during the winter.  The Greenhouse always needs tending.  Additional volunteers are always welcome for the groups of residents that wish to go to outside restaurants.  Those who have skills with computers are very welcome to guide and teach senior residents who might have an interest in using computers either for their own edification, or for communications with distant relatives.  Volunteers who sing are most welcome to commit to the first Thursday of each month to help with resident sing-along activities.  The possibilities of further connecting the senior residents with the rest of the community are almost endless.

For those interested in volunteering, please contact Bobby Berkowitz, activity director at: 330-746-1076, ext. 207.  The staff at Heritage Manor would be very happy to add your name to the list of those who will be recognized at next years volunteer/family picnic.

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