Where Are You Now Questionnaire

We love our community and we know you do, too! Maybe you’ve lived here your whole life, or maybe you’ve moved away – either way, we know you have fond memories to share. We invite you to tell us – and our community – all about it. Please complete the survey found here. We will feature some in the Jewish Journal Monthly Magazine and share them all on our website. 

Text box areas can be expanded to fit any number of characters. Click and drag on the two small lines in the bottom right corner. 

If you no longer live in Youngstown, what years did you live here?
What was your childhood Temple(s)?
What Jewish youth programs did you participate in?
Who were your closest friends growing up?
Who was the most influential person in your Jewish life growing up? Tell us why.
Tell us what path your life has taken after high school/college.
What is your favorite Jewish Youngstown memory/other memories?
Tell us about your memories of going to the JCC (Bryson or Gypsy locations) and/or visiting family members living at Heritage Manor or Levy Gardens.
What does the Federation and its agencies (JCC, JFS, JCRC, Levy Gardens, and Heritage Manor) mean to you?
Is there anything else that you would like to share?
Name and Maiden Name (if applicable)
Spouse's Name
Children/Grandchildren (if any)
Immediate Family/Relatives who still reside in the greater Youngstown area

Thank you for completing the form - please email a photograph to accompany your story to:


By submitting this form I agree to allow my photo and information to be included in the Jewish Journal Monthly Magazine and on the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation website. 

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