Executive Director of Senior Care and Services

Job #100 Category: Heritage Manor

JOB TITLE: Executive Director of Senior Care and Services

SUPERVISOR: Executive Vice President (CEO) of YAJF

AGENCIES/MISSION: Heritage Manor and Levy Gardens are agencies of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation (YAJF), a not-for-profit corporation, whose mission is to sustain and enrich the quality of life for the Jewish people regionally, in Israel, and worldwide.  The Federation and its affiliates are each guided by the values of Tzedakah (Righteousness), Klal Yisrael (The Responsibility of each Jew for another), Dor L’Dor (the continuity of the Jewish People), and Tikkun Olam (Repairing the World).

JOB SUMMARY:  The Executive Director of Senior Care and Services is responsible for the day-to-day operations (clinical and administrative) of Heritage Manor, a 72-bed Skilled Nursing Facility and Adult Day Care services and oversight of Levy Gardens, a 24 bed Assisted Living Facility, per current federal, state, and local standards, guidelines, and regulations governing long-term care facilities.  The Executive Director is the designated spokesperson for the Senior Care Services Division of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation and leads the staff in ensuring the organization provides the highest quality services in the Mahoning Valley.



  • Current unencumbered license for the state of Ohio to practice as a Licensed Nursing Home Administrator (LNHA) required. (Out of state applicants welcomed with the understanding that an Ohio license will be obtained as quickly as possible).
  • Minimum of three years’ experience in a long-term care facility.


  • Knowledge of healthcare facility patient care, procedures, laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to facility operations.
  • Ability to plan, organize, develop, implement, and interpret the programs, goals, objectives, policies and procedures, etc., that are necessary for providing quality resident care and maintaining a sound operation.
  • Strong leadership interest and the ability to act as a resource person. Ability and interest in assisting personnel to develop their personal skills and potential.
  • Ability to work harmoniously with professional personnel, advisory boards and committees.
  • Must be able to relate and work with ill, disabled, elderly and emotionally upset people within the facility.
  • Willingness to work beyond normal hours, on weekends and in other positions temporarily when necessary.


Leadership/Quality, Compliance, and Risk Management

  1. Direct the overall operation of the facility's activities in accordance with current applicable Federal, State and local standards, guidelines and regulations, and as directed by the YAJF Governing Board, to assure that the highest degree of quality resident care is maintained at all times. 
  1. Manage the daily operations of the facility and keep Heritage Manor and Levy Gardens on track for competitive and long-term goals, aligning services with the mission and culture of the organization. 
  1. Establish and direct implementation of written policies and procedures that reflect the mission objectives and ethical standards of the facility, including personnel policies, resident care policies, procedure manuals, job descriptions, etc…
  2. Assist in the development and implementation of departmental policies and procedures, and establish rapport between departments to promote teamwork.
  3. Review and provide input regarding policies and procedures of departments that provide services to the residents, to assure:
  • Appropriate assessment
  • Consistent care and treatment
  • Necessary patient education
  • Continuum of care
  • Surveillance, prevention and control of infection
  1. Ensure that residents' rights to fair and equitable treatment, self-determination, individuality, privacy, property and civil rights, including the right to voice complaints, are well established and maintained at all times. (Ohio Revised Code Sec. 3721.10 to 3721.18:  Nursing Home Residents' Bill of Rights). 
  1. Maintain an excellent working relationship with the medical profession and other health related facilities and organizations through formal working and transfer agreements. 
  1. Oversee the management of care to create and maintain an atmosphere of warmth, personal interest, positive emphasis and a calm environment throughout the facility. 
  1. Oversee and assist the IT Department of the YAJF (corporate office) with management of information for the facility. 
  1. Delegate authority, responsibility and accountability to other responsible persons. 
  1. Attend and participate in workshops, seminars, etc., to keep abreast of current changes in the health care field and maintain a professional status. 
  1. Evaluate and implement recommendations from the facility's committees and consultants (Medical Director, Pharmacist, etc.).

  2. Assure that the facility is maintained in a clean and safe manner for resident comfort and convenience by assuring that necessary equipment and supplies are maintained to perform such duties and services. 
  1. Assist in developing work standards. 
  1. Adhere to professional standards of ethics. 
  1. Strong mediation and crisis management skills.


Marketing and Relationship Management

  1. Assure the maintenance of a good public relations program that serves the best interest of the facility and community alike.

  2. Assist with the development and implementation of marketing plans in coordination with the Marketing/Communications department of the YAJF.


Financial Management

  1. Be involved in the preparation of an annual operating budget for approval by the YAJF Governing Board and allocate the resources to carry out programs and activities of the facility. 
  1. Keep abreast of current economic conditions/situations and make adjustments as necessary to assure the continued ability to provide quality resident care. 
  1. Work with the Accounting department of YAJF (corporate office) to assure that adequate financial records, and cost reports are submitted to authorized government agencies as required. 
  1. Authorize the purchase of major equipment/supplies as authorized by the YAJF Governing Board. 
  1. Employ cooperative fiscal management by ensuring a healthy census, in conjunction with the Federation CFO and through controlling costs and collection of receivables.


People Management and Development

  1. Model professional behavior, set, and support high standards of ethical conduct in all levels of staff. 
  1. Review policies and procedures with appropriate personnel periodically, at least annually, and make changes as necessary to assure compliance with current regulations. 
  1. Oversee personnel functions with assistance from the Human Resources department of YAJF (corporate office). This includes but is not limited to the following:  
  • Recruit, select, train and orient competent department supervisors and other auxiliary personnel.
  • Meet with administrative and supervisory staff on a regularly scheduled basis and conduct/participate in staff development programs, in services, continuing education and supervisory level training programs.
  • Receive advice from department supervisors concerning the operation of their departments and other related areas, to assist in eliminating/correcting problems, and/or the improvement of services.
  • Evaluate competence of work force and make necessary adjustments/corrections as required or that may become necessary.
  • Receive and investigate employee grievances.
  1. Assure that all personnel, volunteers, residents, visitors and the general public follow established policies and procedures. 
  1. Assist in the planning of purposeful staff development programs that will lead to better understanding of residents' needs and delivery of service.


Board and Community Relations

  1. Staff representative of the Senior Care and Services Advisory Board and participate in governing body meetings, as needed. 
  1. Make written and oral reports/recommendations to YAJF (corporate office) concerning the operation of the facility. 
  1. Represent the facility in dealing with outside agencies, including governmental agencies and third-party payers, or provide an authorized representative of the facility. 
  1. Other related duties and responsibilities that may become necessary or as directed by the Executive Vice President (CEO) of YAJF and the YAJF Governing Board.



Please send resume and cover letter to:
Youngstown Area Jewish federation c/o Human Resources
505 Gypsy Lane
Youngstown, OH 44504

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