Message from Our President

Over the last year, Jewish Family Services has undergone some major changes to our agency. Previous Director Alvin Weisberg retired as of March 2018, and Ken Bielecki has officially transitioned into the Director position. Also, Jane Trambley (guardianship manager) and Heidi Zagotti (administrative assistant) were hired in August of 2017 to assist with the various and individualized services offered by JFS. Over 33 guardianships have been transferred from Alvin Weisberg to Jane Trambley since late 2017. Landscaping at the “group home” on Granada Avenue started in March 2018 along with increased staffing for the residents of the home. Recently, a partnership has been developed between JFS and the Trumbull County Board of Developmental

Disabilities who is assisting us with our weekly Meals on Wheels delivery. The “Our Gang” program, facilitated by Linda Kessler, continues to meet on a monthly basis. Last, JFS is currently undergoing the strategic planning process with our consultant. Overall, our focus and attention remains the same as JFS continues to offer counseling, Meals on Wheels, protective services, and advocacy to all those in need.

Mark Rubin, president of Human Services Board

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