Acting with Hope, Faith, and a Deep Belief in Our Core Values

Posted by: Lisa Long on Wednesday, September 23, 2020


Note from Andy: This month, in place of my regular column, I invited Federation Financial Resource Director Lisa Long to share her thoughts

During these challenging times, I have chosen to continue to see the glass as half full, searching for silver linings that can be found every day if you just look hard enough. Isn’t that our job as Jewish leaders? To act with hope, faith, and a deep belief in our core values. These things guide us as we work to enrich Jewish life in our community and create a more meaningful world for our children.

It's this community’s tireless work that has allowed the Federation and its agencies to ride out this COVID-19 storm. Thanks to you, we are able to continue to provide, and frankly grow, vital services our community needs at this very moment.

Just a few months ago we launched an Emergency Relief Fund to allow the Federation and its agencies to meet the growing and changing needs brought on by this pandemic. More than 160 donors, individuals from the Jewish and greater community, businesses, and foundations, came forward, donating $249,463. In addition, the Thomases Family Endowment of the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation opened an emergency round of funding. Local nonprofit agencies providing essential services that received support from the fund in the last few years were invited to apply. As a result, $122,400 was sent to 15 organizations.

The Emergency Relief Fund has closed, but the need for your support has not come to an end. The pandemic has hit our community hard and we will be feeling its ripple effects for years to come. The needs of our community will only grow. This year we ask you to boldly step forward in the belief that Federation was made for this. We were built for this moment, we were built to be there. But we can only do that if you are there for Federation.

When people are in need, members of the Youngstown Area Jewish Community never fail to step forward. We cannot fail this year. If you have already donated to the 2020 Campaign, thank you. If you haven’t yet please visit our website today to make your first gift…or to increase your gift from last year. With your help, we will survive this pandemic.

- Lisa

Lisa Long
Financial Resource Development Director
Youngstown Area Jewish Federation


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