Heritage Manor Expands

Posted by: Andrew Lipkin on Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Heritage Manor Expands

Note from Andy: This month, in place of my regular column, I invited Executive Director of Senior Care and Services Eric Murray to share his thoughts.

Exciting Future for Heritage Manor Residents

Throughout the pandemic the entire long-term care world has dealt with uncertainty, fear, changing information, regulations, and sadness.  When the vaccines were becoming available our focus began to shift towards hope. Hope for safety, hope for resident-family visits, and hope for a better future. 

Heritage Manor’s hope for an even better future starts with our building and our programs. Fortunately, we’ve not had one single resident COVID 19 case to date. Our team made the decision very early to avoid cohabiting residents. We adopted a one room, one resident model. We felt the COVID 19 transmission risks could be lessened with this approach. From time to time this hurt our census but we felt it was the right thing to do. Unfortunately, we couldn’t eliminate all the risks because several of our rooms have shared bathrooms. 

Phase 1

Now that all of us have been emerging from the “COVID cocoon” you will find Heritage Manor actively building towards our future delivery model in skilled and long-term care, private rooms and private bathrooms, and enhanced rehab and hospice suites.  About 15 years ago hospitals began adopting the private room model and this pandemic has painfully taught the nursing care industry that our time has come.  We can no longer use infrastructure built in the 1960’s to combat current day problems. It’s not just the pandemic we’re speaking of either. We’re speaking of privacy, delivering care centered around the resident, and offering amenities that are among the best in class for certain programs and services. Our aging loved ones deserve this.

Our current expansion that will include 12 private rooms and bathrooms is the first step in our future facility design. Our plans will eventually eliminate all Jack and Jill (shared bathrooms) so that Heritage Manor will have 72 private rooms with 72 private bathrooms. In addition, we plan to enhance our rehab program by constructing a new rehab gym and will feature a mock apartment to better prepare short term skilled residents for improved outcomes and safe homegoing. As a licensed physical therapist, I know how important this is to an optimal recovery. Finally, our current semi private rooms will be remodeled into hospice suites, affording the resident in hospice, and their family, deserved privacy and comfort.

Phase 1 Resident Room

Our goal remains to provide the highest standard of home-like senior living. Guided by our Jewish values, we intend to serve the community at the highest levels. From our future building to our people, from our mission to our values, we expect to offer excellence in all that we do. We want everyone to feel as though there is no better decision that could have been made when they chose Heritage Manor. In order to make this all happen we will need your support. You can find out more about this important campaign and how you can help in Lisa Long’s article below. 

Committed to Caring for Our Residents

By Lisa Long, Federation Financial Resource Development Director

At Heritage Manor there is nothing more important than keeping our residents safe. While so many nursing homes have struggled with tragic losses of many of their residents, we have not had one case of COVID among our residents since the start of the pandemic. In fact, we are one of only three nursing homes in our area that hasn’t had a single case.  

I’ve heard Heritage Manor described as “boutique and unique.” What that means to me is that we’re committed to caring for our residents as if they were a member of our own immediate family, providing the highest standard of home-like senior care in the Valley. 

Heritage Manor consistently receives the highest rating by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid for its dedication to providing quality care and has been rated among the highest in terms of staff to patient ratios. But, our halls and dining rooms haven’t been updated since 2007! It is our responsibility to make sure our physical space matches the level of care provided, that the building itself plays an active role in that care. We need to modernize our space and add to our current senior care offerings.    

Currently we can take care of 72 residents. However, we only have 42 private rooms with private baths. The remainder of our living spaces are shared, which this pandemic has shown is a grave detriment to necessary infection control. Therefore, the expansion and renovation of Heritage Manor is a vital project.

We broke ground on Phase 1 of our project in May. In about eight months we’ll have completed the new wing that will house 12 new private rooms, each with their own bathroom, a dedicated nurses’ station and an added dining room for residents to enjoy meals with their families when they visit. 


Once that wing is complete we hope to quickly move on to privatizing the rooms in the existing building and expanding our short term skilled nursing and rehabilitation services, aimed at helping seniors become well enough to return to their own homes. We will also create enhanced hospice care options with suites designed to provide end of life care for residents and their families. 

We need your help! Recently we launched a special campaign to support this vital project. This initiative is chaired by Lee Burdman, Attorney Jim Pazol, Bruce Sherman, and Wendy Weiss.  

One day it is likely that every one of us on this call will be looking for compassionate long or short term care for our loved ones or ourselves. It is our responsibility today to enhance our existing offerings and create the safety net to catch us at that time of need.  

We are so grateful to the Thomases Family Endowment Distribution Committee who recently committed to a dollar for dollar match for the first $160,000 raised in this campaign. Naming opportunities are also available at many different giving levels, with pledges being able to be spread over up to five years.

For more information about this campaign please reach out to me at llong@jewishyoungstown.org or 330.746.3250 ext. 175 or visit our website


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