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Annual Campaign

It is the Annual Campaign that addresses the most pressing needs and issues at a moment's notice.

It is the Annual Campaign that feeds the hungry, helps the unemployed, supports families with special needs, and funds Jewish education.


  It is the Annual Campaign that has been the glue that has held the Jewish community and will continue to do so.

  On behalf of the thousands of men, women, and children who are in desperate need of a better life, commit to the Annual Campaign and become part of a solution.

  There is no better time to get involved because, through the Youngstown Area Jewish Federation, you can make a world of difference and deliver the gift of hope to those in need.

  We are here for the Jewish People...and we will never let them down.



Sam Shapiro

A visitor to Youngstown said that after touring our community and learning about how much money we raise , and given a community our size, he said, We are a community that fights above our weight class. I really liked that. He also said something in closing that I really liked. He said, I upped my pledge, now, up yours!

Jeff Simon

Collectively, we can make a meaningful difference, and I have every confidence that this community will understand, be compelled by, and support the vast needs of our fellow Jews, locally and around the world.

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