Car Donation

Keeping your New Year’s Resolution is easier than you think—especially when Federation can help! If you’ve resolved to save money in 2021, why not start anew and let go of that car that’s been costing you more to insure than to use.

We consider all types of vehicle donations and make it easy to give with free and convenient pick-up. The following is a list of basic requirements for donating a vehicle. 

  • Vehicle has a clear title.
  • Vehicle is in one piece and towable but does not need to be running.
  • Vehicle is accessible for safe towing. 

To donate, simply call submit the online donation form below or call 330.746.3251 ext. 114. Once you’ve successfully completed the form online or over the phone, our Vehicle Donation Support Team will help you arrange for your free pick-up. In most cases, when the driver arrives for your tax-deductible gift, you’ll be provided with the donation receipt. 

Donate your vehicle today!

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